'Murder for Hire' Will Be Your New True-Crime Obsession

True crime just got more chilling.

Oxygen, the destination for crime programming, is bringing you a new, binge-worthy obsession in the form of Murder for Hire. Each week, the docuseries will dive deep into chilling stories of contract killing. The episodes combine hidden camera footage, emotional witness testimony and behind-the-scenes accounts of sting operations, staged killings and traps to catch would-be accomplices to share the too-crazy-to-believe real stories behind “hired hits.”

From housewives to wealthy bankers, military officers to grandmothers and scorned lovers to jealous relatives, the series promises to explore how seemingly great relationships can go wrong. Each standalone episode will unravel a different case, with undercover agents walking viewers through real-life stings and investigations as they work to prevent a murder.

“Some of the most horrifying crimes are crimes of passion and money, and we are the first to explore in depth the motives and tactics used in these ‘murders for hire,’” executive producer Dick Wolf tells ET in a statement. “Viewers will be stunned when they understand the lengths to which aggrieved parties go to get revenge.”

Murder for Hire is the prolific producer’s third series on the network, following Cold Justice and Criminal Confessions. It premieres Sunday, April 7, at 7 p.m. ET on Oxygen.

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